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Steven Catalano

Steven Catalano Prosecutor On The Take – Political Favors For Convictions – BRIBES – FALSE PROSECUTIONS Warwick Rhode Island!!. Attorney Steven Catalano, an obvious liar, on at least one occassion, knowingly and intentionally prosecuted and innocent individual in the city of providence in the state of rhode island in the name of former providence mayor, and now congressman, david cicilline. The individual prosecuted was the victim of an attack perpetrated by underworld figures in the city of providence, most of which are represented by mafia attorney and father of mr cicilline. The individual prosecuted was attacked on multiple occassion in providence and the event he was prosecuted for involved a joe cummings of the specialty co. who assualted the indivdual and then called his cop friend in providence and falsified a report when he couldnt beat up the indivudal. the individual charged was then falsely said to have been threatening people with a bat. IT WASN’T HIM. the individual arrested falsely had also been attacked by someone with a bat and the person who attacked him was affiliated with the mafia in providence and is believed to be a family or “family” member of mr. catalano and operated out of addies laundry in providence, the hang out of new england mafia kingpin, louis “baby shacks” mannochio. the indivudual arrested was setup and prosecuted knowingly by catalano at the besheast of cicilline to get these other indivduals out of trouble. The innocent individual prosecuted had pictures of the indivudal who attacked him with a bat while the attack occured AND NEVER ONCE THOUGH OUT THE COURSE OF THE CASE WERE THOSE PICTURES EVER ASKED TO BE VIEWED. NOT ONCE. Further evidence that he was being setup. mr. catalano is also suspected of having a relationship with, or having intimidated, a female public defender to get his was on many cases that they wanted swept under the rug.

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