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Steven and Stevens Associate Group

Steven and Stevens Associate Group S&S SAS Collections scheme Canyon Lake California!!. So I get a call from a toll free number to immediately call Steven and Stevens Associate group regarding a debt collections issue. I call the number and an operator who attempted to sound professional and it was obvious she reading off a script tells me that I have an outstanding debt of more than 2,000.00 dollars for an old telephone bill from Sprint. They of course have my name and personal information. They go on to tell me they purchased the account and the were attempting to collect. I start getting nervous, but still was skeptical it was a scam. So I negotiated the debt down to 523.97 which they excepted. Here where they screwed up. I tell them Iu2019m bit nervous about using my credit card to pay off this debt. Rene or who ever she is suggested I purchase gift cards so I donu2019t have to worry about giving them my credit card information. She also advises me that when I pay off the dept they will report the account paid in full the credit bureau and it would raise my score by 30 points. This is not typical behavior for a debt collector, but ok I go along with it. I ask Rene if I can check out Stevens legitimacy, she agrees and send me a document with the agreed upon amount of 523.97. The document has what appears to be a Sprint account number which includes part of the telephone number allegedly assigned to me. My first call is to Sprint. They tell me the account number is Fictious and the account number sequence has too many digits. Sprint goes on to tells me the phone number provided by Stevens was never assigned by Sprint. I call an attorney and he advised me to tell Stevens I will be disputing the debt and I want verification of the account, which is required by law upon request. Stevens of course states they will forward the account to their escalation team and refused my request. Needless to say havenu2019t heard back from these scammers. Mind you I identified my self as a law enforcement officer and they werenu2019t phased by this. Be careful and do you research before you fork over your hard earned money! These scammers are getting better at their game.

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