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Steve webber fatcatrods

Steve webber fatcatrods these people they are Crooks. Crandall Georgia!!. I ordered a roller and glass body the beginning of 2019 did not have it by May went to their shop. smooth Steve Weber talked in talk me into putting a height super out front end under it still no car. I go back in July they still don’t have the car built. I think they’re going out of business cuz they’re moving but I try to help them anyways and I’ll pay him for a paint job on the same car. by the time I get through paying him it’s $32,000. I don’t get the car till the last week of December in 2019 and it’s a piece of junk. it straight out of the speedway catalog. no Heights Super Ride none of the pieces it’s supposed to have. when I’m at the shop to pick the car up he’s taking pieces off of other cars and rolling junk in his shop to put in my car. the brakes weren’t finished nothing was finished. I pushed it up on the trailer pulled it up on the truck and drove out of their disgusted do not buy anything from $32,000 a year later the car I got is not the car on my invoices that I paid for it’s all pieces off of other cars and halfway put together and nowhere even close to what it supposed to be totally disappointed we retain counsel and are seeking damages

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