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It took me some time to realize but I was glad that my eyes were finally opened.

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09 September 2019

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Anxiety is not considered to be a problem even by the most learned people of the society and to be honest, it is saddening. Ask someone who suffers from such attacks that how it feels when even in a simple gathering of people of the same age, one gets panic attacks simply because of the crowd present. What is even more disgusting is that some people simply discard the possibility of anxiety being a real problem. Why is it that a problem greater than most diseases is not even considered to be a problem that should be taken care of?
Things have started to change now. Awareness of problems like these is being created and there are therapists around to help with issues such as anxiety, depression. Since, childhood, I was awkward with people. I did not have many friends. As I grew up, the problems started increasing. I finally realized that I needed help when I got a panic attack and blacked out in front of my whole college while delivering a speech. I opened my eyes and was there at home, on the sofa. My parents did not want to procrastinate any further and they started looking for reputed therapists. After reading reviews, they decided to send me to Stephanie A Smith. She was good at her job and therefore I decided to listen to my parents and go to her.
It was my first day and I had to wait an hour at the therapist’s clinic. Something more important than her new patient was keeping her busy. After a long wait, I finally went inside and sat down. The chamber was pretty messed up and it was nothing like I imagined it to be. She asked me about my condition and I told her all about it. She then gave me a long lecture about how it is not okay to want to be alone. The first session finally came to an end and I went home to take some rest.
The next day, the doctor made me speak about my problem in front of the staff members and I did not see how it made me any better. I was sweating throughout the conversation. The second session made me a lot more anxious than I was before. I was on the verge of realization and the next few sessions did the job for me.
One day, when I came in late, I was shouted for not being punctual and the next day, I was scolded for not being able to talk properly in public. I could not understand why I was being ridiculed and insulted for the problems because of which I was seeing the therapist. It finally made me realize that it was now time for me to change the therapist and look for a better one.
I would never, ever recommend anyone to go to Stephanie A Smith because she is the epitome of unprofessionalism, inhumanness, rudeness and cheapness.

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