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STEADFAST COMPANIES Susan Sansbury – Christine Schoellhorn – Mona Salama – Kathleen Tran – Julie Phan INTENT TO DEFRAUD – TO VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS – TO MISREPRESENT – EVIL CORPORATION IRVINE California!!. Notice of Intent to File SuitAgainst: Steadfast Companies Susan Sansbury, Leasing agent Louis C. 18100 Von Karman Ave. Suite 500 Irvine, CA 92612 United States By: Douglas Edwin Shaw 1506 Shonka Dr Carrollton, TX 75007214-336-2898 Dear DOUGLAS, Thank you for submitting your application to Dawntree. We are excited that you are interested in living at our community. This email confirms that we have received your online application fees payment. Please save this email for your personal records. PAYMENT INFORMATION Payment confirmation number: 604629043 Payment Date : 3/18/2018 Payment Amount: $320.00 To view or edit your online application account, click the link below and select the Applicant Login In the meantime, if you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at: (972) 492-6131. PROPERTY: Dawntree 1834 East Peters Colony Road Carrollton,TX 75007 [email protected] Thank you, Dawntree 1834 East Peters Colony Road Carrollton, TX 75007 **************************************************************************************** After I was unable to complete the application online due to technical difficulties I contacted your office and Louis asked me to just come on down. So I did. u2026but let me back up a bit. I had visited your complex earlier that week and walked with Louis and advised him of my situation and pointed out my credit was trashed but was assured nothing could hold this back as long as my background was clean and it was. I was assured that when I came in that Friday that the decision would be made then and the manager would be there, the decision maker, something I was adamant about because I was not going to be played and put off and that is exactly what happened. That Friday I stopped in because of those technical difficulties trying to fill out the application at work, then onsite at the complex Louis filled in the application when I advised him I was wanting to finish it, not him, but he kept on plugging in information and said to me after submitting the information, what was supposed to be an application fee, not a deposit, I find he took $320.00 which was not authorized and then told me I was declined by the system and he would have to get the manager to override that. I say okay, the manager is in right, and exactly what I voiced up front not to happen, happened. He said the manager was not there and voiced his apologies for doing what he had just done. He says the manager is out and out until next week. I left and called back in and asked for the manager, not the assistant manager whom had already shunned even talking to me there at the property. This black female that wanted to further make fun of me over the phone, humiliate me and my situation, and purposefully make fun of my anguish when she should have never taken the call. Purposefully trying to make me squirm and not for one moment going to treat me like a human being. My civil rights were so violated by the way the application was taken over and fraudulently input, by the misrepresentation of already being a shoe in, by taking more than the allotted application fee. I was not privy to the final application and was kept being assured while he filled it out at my insistence that I see what he was filling out. This whole process was fraudulent, was misrepresented, and in the end they made me squirm to no end. Multiple phone calls were met with deceit and misrepresentation and games from Susan Sansbury and their corporate office in OrangeCounty. I finally get the phone number to Susan Sansbury and just when I thought I had someone on the line that would treat me like a human she turned and further tried to humiliate me and make me squirm. She denied having any knowledge of the situation and in mid sentence told me she talked to the asst. manager there and was told I was rude and then said she will send my money to me. I said I do not have an address to send the money to and she hung up on me. She purposefully made me suffer and violated my civil rights by doing this. Her purposeful intent to cause me great mental anguish was apparent and after taking more than the amount intended I found myself without recourse and without a roof over my head. I had no money to continue to look for an apartment and this act caused me to be homeless, causing me to sleep in my truck. Still more phone calls went ignored and not one person from the company would take responsibility. I was treated like trash and the intent they had was to continue to harm me and my situation. I am filing suit against STEADFAST COMPANIES, SUSAN SANSBURY AND THE AGENT LOUIS THAT FRAUDULENTLY TOOK ME FOR THAT WORST RIDE OF MY LIFE. Searching Steadfast Company social media I see how well they talk about treating people but this is directly the opposite and the harm it caused me still causes me anguish to this day. The humiliation of having to sleep at my company property in my vehicle and having them take all the money I had was overwhelming. I mean to see this company pay for the intentional harm they inflicted upon me, the fraud the committed, the misrepresentation and violation of my civil rights. Your managers had their fun with me back on March of 2016. Your managers including Susan Sansbury will be named in the lawsuit against your company for violating my civil rights and intentionally trying to cause me mental anguish as will be laid out in a court of law. They intentionally sought to cause me harm mentally and physically.

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