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Statebridge Corp.LLC

Statebridge Corp.LLC These low life’s are going to try to foreclose on my home on January 8th 2019.They are hard core crooks. They added approx. $40,000 of debt to a $130,000 HELOC .They never allowed me to pay what I could afford.I was placed with a real bi*ch. Fairfax Virginia!!. Shortly after they got my mortgage this bi*ch told me they were going to foreclose on me. I’m barred from bankruptcy thanks to the Attorney not getting a payment plan for me. All of the people involved in my situation I hope to bring to justice ! They ignored the ability to pay rule and many other consumer protection laws. I was forced to deal with heartless, greedy sociopaths Statebridge LLC worst of the worst. They make Nationstar look good- considered the biggest predatory lenders in the country. hey never even asked me what I was able to afford to pay monthly on a HELOC =. I have had no contact with The investor in NY .

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