State of Maine Legislature

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State of Maine Legislature

State of Maine Legislature Senators Congressmen Elected officials Withholding public knowledge of convicted sex offenders Augusta Maine!!. Since 1992 the State Bureau of Identification has removed over 3,600 men and women from the public registry even before many of those registrants’ time requirements ran out. Maine’s Legislature has changed the sex offender rules numerous times since 1992 that affects if and when sex offenders must register and how long they are kept on the registry. Maine Legislature passed a law in 2005 that retroactively applied conditions to sex offenders sentenced since 1982. Currently our state law bans officials from releasing information about offenders once they are removed from the list. Why would our Legislature do this? When WMTW-TV ran this story and requested the information the state did NOT provide them with data about which lawsuits and legislation removed offenders. While investigating the sex offender registry we contacted The KlaasKids Foundation was established in 1994 for 12 year old kidnap and murder victim Polly Hannah Klaas to “create a legacy in her name that would be protective of children for generations to come”. The response I received was “Since 1996, the KlaasKids Foundation has conducted an annual comparative analysis of each state’s Megan’s Law. The criteria is consistent throughout so all of the states provide the same information, as it applies in each state. Maine participated until 2017. On 1/31/18 we received the following message from Maine’s Megan’s Law contact, “I cannot provide registry information to non-law enforcement, per u00a711221(9-A) and u00a711281(9). Sorry.” For over 20 years our state has provided this information. Maine is the ONLY state in the nation who is not participating in this. When asked what the motive could be KlaasKids Foundation replied “Maine is the only state that refuses to cooperate. My guess is that liberal legislators are behind this move, although that is pure conjecture on my part.” What possible reason could there be for law makers to approve any of these laws? How can they validate removing thousands of sex offenders from the public database? We have reached out to local representatives and senators to no avail. Law makers are willfully withholding valuable information to a vital nonprofit organization. How is this justifiable? Maine has 35 Senate and 151 House members. 186 representatives that are elected by the citizens. These representatives cost tax payers more than $5 million + annually. Isn’t it time we held them accountable in their failure to vote in the best interest of their constituents?? Are they lobbying for protection in favor of predators or protection for our children and access to the registry?

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