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state farm insurance

state farm insurance estela alonso full coverage insurance wrecked jeep they payed city phonepole but not for jeep grand prairie texas!!. 10/15/2018 my wifes bday her 2006 jeep comander got 600. in new tires and the jeep is payed off. well on 10/30/2018 it was raiig hard she was coming home down the hill by our kroger got in the runoff next to the curb the next thing she knows a phone pole and a big signal box that controls lights carmeras was down and the jeep all the frontend gone the jeep is totaled ,my truck has sat 7 years to 68 miles since last inspection may 2018 my leg was amputated lots of dr. app and no wheels. i have call and called wrote letters 17,500 paid full coverage insurance and state farm allways ssay we”ll get back to you next month. it will be 3 yearsss i still have no car my wife walks to kroger i am in a wheelchair i try i am on ssi at 750.oo a month /rent 650oo 100. for water/electric state farm yall need to give me enough t get my jeep back i have called and sent letters every month

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