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Please avoid going to this place.

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08 September 2019

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Life is full of ups and downs. Some days they are very good and some days they become the worst. My life was very simple and well settled. All of a sudden I experienced a downfall. My father was very ill and was on a ventilator and my brother didn’t show up for a few days. I was kicked out of my office for not working properly. I tried to explain to them the reason behind the situation and tried to make them understand about the difficulties I was facing. I was the only one earning in my house but the officials didn’t help me in anyways and fired me out from their office and therefore I had to quit my job too. Days passed by and my father’s health restored and I got a job once again. Everything was better again, the only thing which always haunted me after that was hallucinations and depressing thoughts. This affected my health and I experienced weight loss in a very short period. My blood pressure was always high. I consulted many doctors but none seemed to work. Then I decided to get myself checked upon by a doctor who could stabilize my mental state of mind spiritually.
After getting a few suggestions and recommendations from my friends I decided to get myself checked in the Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare. Their website too seemed very pleasant and soothing. I quickly made an appointment and was waiting for their response. The wait proved to be very long but that didn’t bother much to me. I went to the place at my appointed time and was waiting for my turn to arrive. The place seemed very good and pleasant on their website but it was not the same from inside. I experienced a strong smell throughout my time there which could give a headache very soon. I requested the staff member to get rid of it but he was least interested to do so. Then I asked one of the staff members to tell me how long it would for the doctor to see me. It was getting too late so I tried asking the receptionist about the matter, she didn’t accurately communicate with me and told me not to keep waiting until the doctor called me in.
It was a very tough time outside the doctor’s room and I must say it was a total flop. I was called in by the doctor and he didn’t even notice me until I introduced myself. He then told me to sit and discuss the problems I was facing, whilst he was busy using his phone all the damn time. He didn’t pay any attention throughout the session and sent me off saying it was the first session and he didn’t want to stress me out. I didn’t feel comfortable sitting around a doctor who failed in communicating with his patient. It was my first and last visit to the Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare because I didn’t like the behaviour of the doctor and the staff members towards me.

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