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The work of the mechanic was not professional

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09 September 2019

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I was learning to drive my car and was still an amateur. New drivers make mistakes and so did I. while taking a steep turn my car screeched on the side of a lamppost and a long curvy dent was created right after. Since I was learning I took a car on lease for a few days. I would have to get it repaired soon and if the car owner gets to know about the dent he would have killed me. I did a lot of research and found Start to finish paintless Dent Removal to be the most experienced on their job. I made an appointment online with the manager. I went in the next day to complete my paper works regarding the procession of my car. The manager then told me to pay the fee in advance because they are bound to work before payment. This didn’t bother me much and I paid them the money right on spot.
They fixed my appointment after 2 days from the meeting. I was unknown about the fact that they could be the worst dent repair shop. I went in after two days for dent removal. One of the mechanic came in and took away the keys of my car and came back after an hour while my car was rotting in the garage. I asked the manager about their policy of holding the cars for an hour before starting the work, he said that the mechanic went home for lunch. The mechanic then came back and started working on my car. He seemed to be new because his hands were shivering the whole time. He dropped the machine so many times. These symptoms clearly showed how inexperienced he was. He then made himself busy talking with one of his friends and went on for half an hour until I reminded him that I was waiting for my car. He then came back and started working again.
The whole time I wasn’t even asked for a cup of coffee or even a glass of water. The customer service was very poor. I asked them for a cup of coffee and they came along with one but also took the bill in hand. I had to pay for the coffee. They didn’t fail to disappoint me even after all this. I was informed that my car was repaired and I went to check the repair made. There was just a slight change or else the car looked still the same with the same dent on it. The mechanic said that it would take time to disappear and that was the best he could do. The place held a very good dignity which was slowly decreased due to the unprofessional workers and poor customer service. I made a mistake taking my car to the wrong place but none of you should do the same mistake and go to a place which has better workers on it. Take your business elsewhere rather than coming to the Start To Finish Paintless Dent Removal.

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