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Starport Leasing

Starport Leasing Mike and Rachel Moss of Starport Leasing should be out business PERIOD!!!! Strafford Missouri!!. Mike and Rachel Moss of Starport Leasing/ Transportation should not be leasing anymore trucks to the public. Mike Moss is a swindler, tightwad and frankly a cheat. The Peterbilts on their lot looks good in appearances but like they said appearances is only skin deep. I have signed a contract with the cheat about a month in a half ago and from day three issues accrued with the DPF valve with the Regen light stayed on and I had tho consistently pull over to do a return, this happen all the way from St. Louis to southern California Mike’s excuse was to run the pics out of it and the problem would go away. Well to make a long story short in the month I had that piece of crap I’ve lost over $12,000.00 while he and his wife continued to request truck payments from the company I was leased with while I took home a grand total of $247.00, Starport made over $9,000.00 off of me while they worked on my truck. Please heed my warning and everyone else stay away from this company it’s a shack with only one garage and four mechanics who can’t do their job properly because they have to get permission from Tightwad Mike just to order parts. Stay Away far away from Mike….

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