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Stacy Kellams

Stacy Kellams Beware There Is no Guarantee As Promised Austin Texas!!. Ather purchasing I went through the material and I found the methods taught to be very ineffective. On the sales video there is an ironclad 30 day on questions asked 100% money back guarantee. So when I asked for my money back I was told that they do not give money back on digital products. They pointed out on the sign up sheet that there is a fine prints that says no refunds on digital products. I looked back at the sign up form that I used and there was no fine print about no refund. I emailed them back this link: They basically do NOT honor their guarantee and when you ask for a refund they point to some BS fine print that doesn’t exist. If they are going to great lengths like this to keep your money for a $97 course I can’t imagine what they would do for a more expensive course. Also I heard that he charges you $97 per month for even though most peolpe never authorized this charge. Bewarn and beware of Stacy Ekllams and, this company does not do as promised and their guarantee means nothing.

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