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Stacy Kellams - Rei Secrets Sent

Stacy Kellams Rei Secrets Sent “free” terrible unprofessional book then charged for unauthorized membership $97.00 Austin Texas Internet!!. Non-delivery of goods, no indication of future billing, and denied a refund.Looking up the “business” (NETCENTRIC PUBLISHING, LTD.) on the Texas Comptroller, the business is listed as FRANCHISE TAX INVOLUNTARILY ENDED, yet they are still doing business under this name.I never received any indication (on order page) that a future amount would be billed. I didn’t even know I was getting another product. I thought I paid $1 for an ebook, and that was it. I didn’t know I was signing up for ANOTHER program (bait and switch) that would be billed later.No big deal, except the receipt I received never indicated a future billing:===============================================Thank you for your [email protected], 14 May 2019 16:02:02 -0500INBOXTo ***********TagsSent [email protected] ******, Thank you for your order. Order Receipt: Order ID: *****5637 Date: Sun May 14 17:01:49 -0400 2019 Payment Type: Visa Order Status: Accepted (1418073471) $1.00 Probate Possibilities Digital E-book $1.00 X 1 = $1.00 ———————————————————————- Product Total $1.00 ———————————————————————- Grand Total $1.00 Name: ******Company: Email: *********Address 1: ***********Address 2: City: ********State/Province: *****Zip/Postalcode: ********Country:********Fax: Phone:*******Secondary Phone: Thank you again for your order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below. If you contact us regarding this order, please quote your Order ID # *****5637 800-512-9180 [email protected] ==========================================Still no big deal. Business claims I received 8 days of emails. None were ever received, YET I got EVERY SINGLE ONE of Stacy’s marketing emails. Odd….Additionally, I had no idea of the website url to go to in order to access this additional product that was tacked onto my order. Since I am a IT professional, I was able to google all of his website properties and found the site. Using the “forgot password” feature on the site (wordpress based), I received an “account not found” error. This means my account was never created, and was charged for something I never had access to. This makes complete sense since I never received a login details email like I always do. I order a lot of info-products online to the tune of six-figures, and never have had such a hard time.No big deal, I’ll just open a support ticket. That’s when I received the response below. I have wasted so much time over a $97 charge I’d usually just drop it, however, this is completely unethical and fraudulent business practices. My hope is to save someone else from this fraud. The Texas Attorney General has been contacted, as well as the FTC. If this has happened to you, please do the same and initiate a chargeback with your bank. This will put an end to Stacy’s fraud. I am now filing a chargeback with my bank, as a last resort, as all other options have been exhausted.

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