St Helen Catholic School

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St Helen Catholic School

St Helen Catholic School St Helen Catholic School, Vero Beach, Florida Vero Beach Florida!!. St. Helen Catholic School used to be a fabulous school, with a great academic reputation, and awesome staff. The parents and teachers were friendly and supportive of one another. Good energy , positive peer relationships, close knit School community just an overall exceptional School. A few years ago a new principal came on board no professional experience, and lacking communication skills. She doesn’t return phone calls, or emails and has divided and conquered the staff and the parents. The children are stuffed into the classrooms with 29 or more students, enrollment has tripled with no space, the gymnasium is unusable comma the lunch program is poor, and the academics are now lacking. Saint Helens no longer has the academic Excellence reputation as it did 3 years ago. She has systematically ruined the school. teachers that had been there for two to three decades have left and there is low morale. She boast being a Christian yet she will kick out any parent who disagrees with her and will not think twice or take into consideration the complaints are valid. There is absolutely no communication between parents and administration. The tuition fees keep Rising, the athletic fees have tripled, and the facilities are lacking and upkeep Any public school in the county could offer a better education and a more loving and supportive environment. She furls gossip, undermines staff, accused parents of being Liars when trying to advocate for their children. She has made an environment that is extremely negative and backstabbing. It would be safe to say it is environment similar to a dictatorship

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