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SquareTrade, Inc.

SquareTrade, Inc. NO LEMON POLICY IGNORED BY SQUARETRADE SAN FRANCISCO Nationwide!!. The same defect repeated identically after two repairs of my ASUS tablet. With the third occurrence, Contract Section 10. “NO LEMON POLICY” dictated that I was to receive either a replacement device or a refund of my purchase cost ($179.00). SquareTrade refused to settle though I had fulfilled my requirement to comply with the two repairs. Each time I spoke with SquareTrade during the course of my interactions, I was given a different story. Each representative of SquareTrade inserted new terms and clauses no written or described in my Protection Policy. In desparation I called ASUS the manufacturer of the tablet. They wanted a minimum of $60.00 to service-diagnose it. They were unable to guide me to a hard reset of the Android tablet. They told me the system software was defective. I have filed a claim with Starr Indemnity & Liability Company Section 16 of SquareTrade’s product Protection Plan. I doubt that they will provide satisfaction. It is the last remedy besides AAA mediation mentioned in the Contract. No one should have to jump through this many hoops to make a claim on a reputable service plan. SquareTrade has gone to the dogs. Avoid them. Save your dollars and your senses.

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