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Squabble Marketing Phoenix [Ernest Lerma ]

Squabble Marketing Phoenix [Ernest Lerma ] Ernie Lerma Squabble Marketing Ernest Sesma Lerma Ernie Lerma was referred to me by what I thought was a friend. Laveen, Tolleson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York Arizona, California, New York!!. He called me asking to help with his client and buddy Kenny Herrera Cheater in Scottsdale Arizona to remove some apparently embarrassing information about him cheating on his wife. When I delivered what he asked for and promised to pay me for, Ernest Lerma collected the money from Kenny, but never paid me. Ernie revealed to me he does NOT DO ANY OF HIS OWN WORK, but instead blindly hires people from UpWork.com and Fiverr.com believe it or not, but charges clients TOP dollar for these services. He does not deliver authentic traffic, but is using bots to fake out and cheat his clients and anyone else who gets in his path out of their money. Ernie was referred by what I thought was a mutual friend to help with his client Kenny Herrera Cheater to perform reputation management. I believed him to be a competent marketing professional until he disclosed to me that he does not do ANY of his client’s work, but instead hires unskilled people on UpWork.com to do it for pennies on the dollar. He asked me to consult with him to solve his problem for $1000. I did, but never got paid. He collected the money from the client, but never bothered to pay for the solution I provided. He charges people insanely expensive rates, claims he understands marketing, but does not have any working knowledge of the process itself. Upon meeting Ernie I found him to be delightful, even as I provided the solution to his problem he was quite kind. But the moment he was asked to pay me what he promised he stopped returning my calls and emails. I did some research on him and found out that Ernie Lerma robbed a series of banks and was convicted and incarcerated not too long ago. In my opinion and experience, Ernest “Ernie” Lerma cannot be trusted with money. I know from speaking with him that he is an excellent salesman and “confidence man”, but in practice he does not know the first thing about how his own industry works or the actual labor involved in providing professional marketing services. If you are considering doing business with him, I would BEWARE of his sales tactics, that’s his claim to fame. Not marketing itself. Ernie paid $6000 of his client’s money to another bogus company (Ernie was not smart enough to do any due diligence first) to try to get this done and got completely scammed. Instead, the company posted more links to cheater sites and Ernie charged the fee back (again without lifting one finger to do anything he was paid to do). This ended up costing his client weeks and irreparable harm to his business reputation. Ernie pockets the money and pays the bare minimun to the cheapest options on sites like UpWork and Fiverr. Not a professional by any standard. He has collected more than $10,000 from his buddy Kenny Herrera Cheater Scottsdale Arizona and still has done nothing to address or solve the problem he was hired to provide. Even after being given the entire solution. Ernie is not honest and in my experience showed a complete lack of integrity with money. If you want to verify what I am claiming, just goto UpWork.com and Fiverr.com and you will find Ernie Lerma’s Squabble Marketing profile under one of his email addresses or his name. Google it. Should you consider hiring him, Ernie Lerma should be required to prove his actual knowledge, not show fake stats that he buys for pennies using bots to drive artificial and useless traffic to Instagram and other client accounts? It’s all total bologna sausage folks! I cannot tolerate these types of scam artists and you shouldn’t either when there are honest and effective people to choose in the industry.

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