Spy and Survival Briefing

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Spy and Survival Briefing

Spy and Survival Briefing Jason HansonLaissez Faire Double charged for newsletter I didn’t want. Baltimore Maryland!!. The come-on for this scam was for “free” flashlights – only pay shipping. That was ok, but there was also the sign-up for a newsletter which would be $40 if you don’t cancel in 10 days. No problem so far. Where it started coming apart was that there was a delay in getting the flashlights. So, instead of getting them within 2 weeks as originally stated it was closer to 2 months. When I got my credit card bill i saw the $40 charge so I called to cancel. I was told the charge was non-refundable, so ok, I guess, but cancel everything going forward. Yesterday I got my credit card statement and saw that I was charged again, so I emailed to tell them I was double charged. No response. Today I called to tell them I was double charged and found out this worthless newsletter is $40 per month and non-refundable. $40 per year would be a serious stretch, but $40 per month is a total out-and-out scam. I would really like to get my money back, but I hope this keeps someone else from falling into that trap.

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