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Sprintex Superchargers

Sprintex Superchargers Sprintex, Sprintex Australia Product doesn’t work and no technical support Auburn Hills MI!!. I must start saying that I run a software company in the physical security space, just to qualify that I understand software and software troubleshooting. I bought a Sprintex for my 2019 Jeep JK through an authorized Sprintex reseller and had it professionally installed. Immediately the supercharger started giving me an engine error saying “multiple cylinder misfire”. I then took it back and the Sprintex dealer that started going through the Sprintex technical Support. Sprintex started sending new software called “Tune” to load on the car CPU. Every time the software would fix a problem and create another. The technical director and the CEO, Tyrone Jones, went on a call with my dealer and assured that everything would be fixed with the next TUNE. After we received the miraculous new tune the system return another check engine light. My Jeep has been in the shop for about 4 weeks with them going back and forth on the Sprintex Supercharger. Stay away as their technical support and software department is very incompetent when encountering a problem. All they do is a trial error attempt and the real technical support is in Australia, so you will be receiving an email per day if you are lucky. Terrible.

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