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Sprint PCS

Sprint PCS They owe me money and won’t pay San Antonio TX!!. An agent from a local Sprint store called me offering a great deal on changing from AT&T to Sprint. He wanted to send a small business account executive by my office to give me more details. He came and we made a deal. I gave him my American Express card to pay for extras and told him to put my account on auto pay. I also told him the only company phones we had were our cell phone, and I could no afford to have them turned off. He said he would go back to the store and activate the new phones and come back to my office to have the numbers from the old phones moved over. The next day all of our company phone quite working for over an hour and then he brought us he new phones. He did not do what he said he would do. He took our AT&T phones and said when we got our final bill from AT&T Sprint would pay us up to $600 per line to cancel out contract. I got the bill and took it to the Sprint store and gave it to them. Later when I went back to check on my reimbursement, I was told that the account executive had not entered the phones he took in the system. From them on, no one I had dealt with would call me or return my calls. I went to another store to find out how to contact a regional manager. That store manager said he had left the company and had not been replaced. I have faxed and email the final bill to Sprint several times and have wasted hours on the phone trying to settle this. Also, after a little over a month with Sprint our phones were all cut off. I had never received a bill and had told him to put the bill on auto pay. I called customer service to see what happened and they wanted my pin, and one had never been set up. . They ask the street I grew up on, and the first agent had put my business address in, which I never dreamed of. He had set me up for paperless billing, but the email address to send the bill to had been left blank. So, we were without our business phones for 2 hours until I got to a Sprint store. In conclusion, I have to say, Sprint is the absolute worst company I have every dealt with.

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