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Spradley Barr Ford Cheyenne, WY

Spradley Barr Ford Cheyenne, WY Lied when it benefited them Cheyenne Wyoming!!. I took my Mustang into Spradley Barr Ford for a repair and a 50/60 K service. When I picked the car up, I was told they had taken the bumper off to clean transmission fluid out and replace the transmission cooling lines. Later I noticed there was a gap between the bumper and the headlight lens that I could get my ring and middle finger in past the first joint. Also, part of the cowling was hanging under the car. I had just worked on the cowling two weeks before this. I took the car back to have the bumper properly installed and after a half hour, they told me they never took the bumper off in the first place. They also denied doing anything with the cowling. But when lying to me about the bumper they said that the mechanic could reach the tranny lines through that section of cowling. (Yeah, the section hanging down). But he never did anything with the cowling when I asked if they were going to repair it. Funny how they will lie and not even realize they are going to tell another lie in less than two minutes to keep from having to do anything that is going to cost them money. The few repairs they did: replace cabin filter, changed plugs and boot, replace one light bulb, transmission gasket and cooling lines, totaled almost $2000,00. They did give me a military discount but still over $1700.00. I also needed a headlight replaced. When I picked the car up, I was told the headlight cost about $498.00. Today I was told the headlight cost about $998.00. Plus the cost of removing the bumper to install it. Really? Maybe he can do it through the section of cowling that is still hanging down. I’ll take my Ford Mustang to a Chevy dealer for maintenance before I take it back to Spradley Barr.

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