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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Stole my complete account balance without offering any reason Melbourne Victoria!!. In 2018 I opened an account at bookie which I hardly ever used just placing about 1 bet per year. In March 2018 I was looking through and old notebook and saw written down the username and password for bookie an Australian bookie and decided to give it a shot again. Over the next 3 months I redeposited again and again losing about 1000 Australian Dollars betting in mostly British Horse racing and some Soccer. I placed about 100 bets that never went over $100 a pop. A few times I asked for small Skrill(electronic wallet) payouts that were never bigger than $170 and I received them next day to my Skrill account. Problem begun the last days of May when I won three British Horse racing bets in a row of about $80 each which send my account over the $1000. When I tried to withdraw $170 It was never processed. After one month of being given the run around because u201cSkrill withdrawals are hard to dou201d I finally gave up and asked them if they could send me $1000 by International Bank Transfer . They requested a u201cnotarizedu201d Bank statement that I sent them a week later. As soon as I sent them the statement I logged into my account and requested $1000 withdrawal. Now one month later the money has not yet appeared in my bank account and I keep getting the stupid excuse u201cthe payment department is looking into this u201d Reminds you of u201cthe Check is in the mailu201d joke I would be laughing except for the fact that this bookie rated u201cBu201d by Sportsbooreview is scamming me out of $1154 that I won by betting smart(and getting lucky). Their final excuse was they had sent the balance to my bank account but now months later no money is to be seen.

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