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They maxed out my dental benefits for no reason!

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16 September 2019

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Don’t decide to go to Splendid Smiles Family Dentistry based on their 5 stars reviews because they are fake and these people are dishonest and follow unethical dental practices. They are people who will try to act nice at first but will be unresponsive when you have issues or when you try to contact them as they lack in customer service. This dental office is unprofessional and it has forced me to write to warn you guys so that you don’t get fall in trouble. They wasted my time, money and energy and they did it so without any guilt or remorse. They are criminals as the dentist kept my documents and asked me to pay extra just so I can obtain them.
I had a terrible experience at this clinic as they maxed out my dental benefits by charging a high bill so don’t even dare to give out your insurance information. Splendid Smiles Family Dentistry is only interested in making money without ensuring the health and care of their patients, one of the staff member who asked me to sign the document looked to rush to get it done and I don’t have any idea what was in those documents and even after asking them to provide me a copy of it they replied rudely. They denied to give it to me and told me to shut up. This shows the poor standards which are maintained by this clinic on how to deal with your patients. I was asked to get the x-rays done from their office but since I already had those from my previous dental office I told them to consult those. After that, the doctor replied it is mandatory to get the x-rays done from our office which shows another great way to make money. Well, I agreed to him and then asked him to provide me a copy of my x-rays so that I can have a look of it, on which the doctor told me that he would email my digital x-rays copies within 24 hours but he did not send it to me. The doctor then asked me to pay an extra fee if I want to acquire the copy of my x-ray which was ridiculous as I already had paid for my x-rays before and it’s my legal right to obtain my x-rays in the original format and any other dental records they have kept. The doctors at this clinic are unprofessional and don’t know how to treat their patients, my gums were in tremendous pain after the cleaning that I couldn’t even sleep properly for the next few days. I had cleanings done at the other dental office and had never faced such pain in my life. My teeth were not cleaned properly and the dentist left a scratch on my front teeth which is quite visible. I do not wish to visit this place again in my life nor am I going to recommend it to anyone.

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