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Speed Queen

Speed Queen I purchased in June 2015 the Speed Queen washer and dryer as they were advertised as durable and lasting 25 years. Unfortunately in June 2018 there was a problem with the pulley being worn out.Taylors South Carolina!!. In June 2018 I purchased a Speed Queen dryer as well as a washer since they were advertised as durable and lasting up to 25 years. Unfortunately in July 2018 the dryer had problem, which I later was because the pulley was worn out. Speed Queen paid for the part and the labor to repair. However, on October 2, 2018 the dryer was not heating. I called Speed Queen and was informed the warranty could not be extended and they would only pay for a part if needed. I called the appliance store where the dryer was purchased and they said they called Speed Queen in my behalf without any change in Speed Queen’s position. I had to pay a repairman to come and apparently there was an imbalance. When Speed Queen sent an e-mail inquring about the problem, I advised them of this. They replied that I should not bother them in the future if the problem did not involve a part. A 3 year old machine advertised as durable and being able to last 25 years has two problems develop within a few months. This is not durability.

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