Souza's Auto Electric and Automobile Repair

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Souza's Auto Electric and Automobile Repair

Souza’s Auto Electric and Automobile Repair Solomon Glen Took money from me, did not fix my car, illegally took my car to a car dealership without my authorization, refuse to pay for my car repairs getting fixed Inglewood California!!. Solomon the owner of the shop and Glen the mechanic, from April, 2018 has back and forth towing and dealing with my car electrical problems! Never could fix my car, over and over again my car has been towed to their shop and they could not fix it. July 16th they paid for the tow to go back to the shop once again from the damage they did on my car! Everyday I would call to see if my car was ready for pick up and they would tell me call tomorrow kept putting me off. Finally, it was a week my car still at the autoshop. I called them on July 23, 2018, Glen drove my car without my authorization to the car dealership and told one of the service workers that they can’t fix my car they would have to fix it! I never gave them authorization to drive my car at all therefore they are responsible for any repairs on my car to get my car completely fixed! They refuse to pay for it saying it is my problem. I need to to pay for my car to get fixed. They are unprofessional people and they need to take care of my car being fixed!

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