Southside Regional Medical Center

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Southside Regional Medical Center Review

Southside Regional Medical Center

I was admitted to hospital to icu with double pnemonia… Very low oxygen level… Very poor heart rate… The treatment I received was horrible… I got no sleep the whole time in icu… You had a mental patient at the end of hall yelling day and night… The food was horrible… And a prisoner in the room next to me… You had one black nurse that was hateful and rude as [censor] to my family… I was moved to the 4th floor… Not in good shape… I fell trying to go the bathroom… Had yellow band on my wrist… I ask one of your black rn”s for help to go to bathroom… She said I will get someone to help you… What is it beneath her to help me… I waited 30 minutes and noone came to help me so I took a chance going by myself… Again the food was horrible… I had to get my husband to go to cafe to get me food… The other nurses on4th floor were wonderful except for the black rn… The poor girl that tried to keep my room clean tried but your nurses thru there trash on floor and left it there… Uncalled for… This was in icu… This was the worst hospital visit I have had at this hospital… Noone offered to changemy sheets at all…in 5 days… I know this complaint will be ignored… Next time I will go to chippenham…

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  1. Genevieve Cosio May 26, 2020

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