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09 September 2019

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Recovering from a severe accident is one of the biggest achievements in life. I met a drastic accident a few months ago, it fractured both my legs and my right hand. I wasn’t able to move or even get out for 2 months. Respirations were done through pipes. It was the most dangerous ride of my life. Now that I have fully recovered from my ailment, I was able to walk, talk and play like I used to but the accident affected my brain to a great extent. I experienced traumatic effects after the recovery which made me scared every time. I had hallucinations of the past every night. I dreamt about the accident very frequently. I was very scared of riding a car again, I didn’t even want to sit in a car thereafter. This was causing a problem for my family members, they always encouraged me to get out of bed and see the outer world once again but I wasn’t ready for it.
I decided to overcome my fear and be fully active as before. I did a lot of research for getting ideas about overcoming m phobia and fear but nothing worked. Then, I decided to look up to a counsellor. Many of my friends suggested me to have sessions with the doctors of Southern Wake Counselling Center. They claim to do their job very calmly. I thought no further and decided to enrol myself at this place. Since I feared going out I made home appointments for 4 days a week. They seemed the only one to help me get out of this issue. The doctor appointed for me was horrible from the very first day. He was not a good listener and when I tried explaining him the whole incident and my problem he told me to pause because he was tired of hearing this ‘shit’ and would continue with the session the next day. His work was very simple. He used to come in and set up his laptop and show me different types of presentations and sit with his phone simultaneously. Few of the presentations were understandable and few were not, therefore, I requested him to explain the parts I had difficulties in. He would just give me a brief description of the new words and nothing else.
He was supposed to act as an instructor and interpreter to me but he didn’t do his job. He started skipping days after 2 or 3 weeks. He was becoming intolerable now and I decided to cancel the subscription with the Southern Wake Counseling Center. The therapist was an extrovert and had nothing to say. The therapy didn’t show any improvements in my behaviour and I still had the same fear. There was no use of hiring a therapist who did nothing to help me. I did a mistake getting myself sessions from the Southern Wake Counseling Center. I would like to recommend people to choose some other counselling centre than coming here.

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