Southern Light Fiber Jason Wells

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Southern Light Fiber Jason Wells

Southern Light Fiber/ Jason Wells Jason Wells Bully Manager and Business Person Mobile Alabama!!. He will hire you, promise you everything that should be included with the offer package. Jason Wells will then scam you into using your owen pwrsonal truck commuting 1000s of miles per week on your own personal truck. His friends and school buddies are offered trucks, equipt whatever they need. Again its a scam Jason will then expect you to commute 2 states away to attend meetings (on your dime, in your truck) I was fired upon notice of my chronic kidney disease. Jason failed to inform anyone of this notice. Upon 2 surgries Jason pulled the trigger to terimnate my employment. This is the tactics that Jason uses to bully, get his way and run a ship with no training, no communication and no process. Jason should lose his job immediatley especially for what he put me through after the sacrafises I made to become a valued employee.

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