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Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health Review

Beware of Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health

I was helping my niece get into rehab. I live in another state so I was making lots of phone calls. I called the facility on Sunday. I talked to a man on the phone for 45 minutes. He assured me that my niece would get the most caring attention that they would do everything that they could for her. He explained how detox worked and what the progam was going to be like. He said the first 3 days are detox and during those days my neice would be checked on every 3 hours and would be given medication for muscle relaxer, nausea, anxiety mediciation. She was never given any medication when she asked! I was also told that she would have her own room and that she woudl be safe. Once she arrived she and her mother signed a release form that stated her mother could call and get information about her. Whe her mother called, she was told NO that she could not know. Someone tried to break into her last night and she was almost attacked. That is was not the place that was so caring and that the would take good care of her. They did not and acted very aloof to her. She had enough on her plate as it was to get well, she wants help you would think for people who are ready and want help someone would have been there! This placed lied to me !!! My niece is on her way to a new facility one that will care for her. WOW! No wonder our country is going to hell, there is no one there to help the people that need it!

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