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South Florida Tech Group - Kori Ellis

South Florida Tech Group – Kori Ellis Using Kms to illegally activate Microsoft Products Orlando Florida!!. I use to be a tech at this company until i sold a Microsoft Office license and they would not give me license stating they would log in remotely later to input key. I found this very odd as i use to work at best buy and when a key is bought you get your license key on paper immediately. They ended up calling customer back and sold license with out my knowledge. Customer called me back upset that windows says activation error, i logged in remotely and i scanned for a virus using avg and found kms a software to illegally activate Microsoft products. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF! Customer said Kori Ellis called and sold him Microsoft office 2016, i asked him if they provided holim with a key he said no that they logged in and ran some programs. I explained to customer he needed to take it up with Kori. When he did they completly ignored him and he contacted Microsoft. There are tons of reports on this site about this company scamming people and there still open operating illegally. MY LAWYER IS GONNA HAVE FUN DESTROYING THIS COMPANY ONCE AND FOR ALL !

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