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South Beach Diet delivery

South Beach Diet delivery Diet Delivery is a scam Internet!!. I signed up for their advertised special 4-week plan with fully prepared delicious meals delivered to your door for men at $12.14 a day for a total with tax of around $335. I didn’t notice nor did they obviously advertise that there is a two month commitment for their outrageously expensive and junkie food. I got my first shipment “Chefs Picks” and it was mostly shakes and candy bars and snaks with a some frozen meals that you could fit into the palm of one hand. When I called to say don’t send me any more of this junk they advised that well, we can cancel but we will charge you an additional $125! I went back to the site and saw to my dismay there is as tiny link that says other delivery options and if you chose that suddenly a big page pops up with all the details. If you chose single delivery they want to charge you over $500 for the same package of garbage. This really is the worst deal I have ever seen. Stay away from this terrible company and food. Diet-to-go is much better, A little more expensive, but way better food and portions and they don’t try to trick you into future massively overpriced food.

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