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Sources Solutions Online SSO scammed by FRAUDS El Paso Texas!!. So I was lured by these scammers. They sent me a sample, it was okay. Ordered a small order, it was okay. Ordered 90 pills and this is where the problems began. They started to report delays. They reported stock delays. 1 week went by and I was charged with several charges up to $700. They said it was a problem with the processor it was being fixed. 2 weeks went by and nothing. 1 more week went by and they said stock was on its way. They said the over charge was being resolved it was being creidted back 4 weeks went by and I started to complain about the delivery not making it. I started to threaten to dispute the charges including the overcharges. They said I would get a tracking number the next day. I did get a tracking number, but delivery took 2 weeks to arrive. What I received was nothing like what I had ordered and received before. I reported the incident. I was called a liar, a thief, a person looking for free meds. They attempted to humiliate me with stupid comments. I tried to dispute the charges they made to my card, and unfortunately there is nothing I can do because I exceeded the time I would be able to dispute the charge from the day it was made. I warn everyone with these crooks. They will lure you, they will treat you nice, offer TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE OFFERS. Until you try the service.They will push for you to pay for the sample. If you insist they may send you free samples. But when you start ordering they will lure you to order higher quantities. And try to get you in this scheme. Be careful. These are not honest people. I dont know what is it they sent exactly. But they are not what I was ordered. These looked Printed tabs, not real tabs.

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