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Terrible dentists, avoid them at all costs!

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14 September 2019

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I once went to one of the dental clinics and had terrible experience over there and want to let you guys know about it. Sonterra Dental is a dental clinic in San Antonio, Texas. They claim to provide quality services to their customers so that they can live a healthy life but since my visit at this place I have been disappointed with the way I was treated over there, their customer service is below average and the doctors lack in knowledge as they were unable to answer most of my questions. As this was the first time I was visiting Sonterra Dental so I had anxiety and it was the responsibility of doctors to make me feel comfortable but they can’t. I had to go through extreme pain and agony because of the procedure they follow and don’t wish to visit this place again anymore. I went to Sonterra Dental for a root canal only and booked my appointment with them. I thought that the treatment would be painless as they are professional doctors but the way I was treated was horrible and it caused me tremendous pain in my mouth for the next several days. I guess the doctor pressed one of the sensitive nerves in my mouth due to which I was not able to eat or drink for several days. I told the doctor about the pain I had in my mouth, upon which he replied that this is usual and it would be gone after several days. He didn’t even prescribe me any of the antibiotic nor any painkiller so that I can get some relief. I had never faced such pain in my entire life because my wife was a dental hygienist for almost 10 years and I usually visit her clinic if I would have any problem with my teeth and the process was so smooth that you don’t have to go through any such thing. The customer service at this clinic stinks as the front desk staff made some irrelevant comments about me which made me furious I don’t want to create a fuss about this because I was already going through a lot. There is not even a single thing which I can say was good at this clinic, every other thing which I came across at this place was horrible and pathetic. Sonterra Dental is just the waste of time and money as they charge you more as compared to other dental clinics and on top of that don’t even deliver quality services. The doctors don’t look serious to solve the issues of their patients. When I complained about the pain in my mouth, the dentist of this place didn’t take it seriously. I got so fed up with their treatment that in the end, I had to go someplace else. I am not going to visit this place again any more nor I will be going to recommend it to anyone. So stay away before they rip you off.

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