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Sonny DEsigns

SonnyDEsigns Motta designs styles, QMC clutches, QMC watch, QMWPMA watch, QMWQMAX watch scamming people with false advertising los Angeles, Internet!!. I did a survey and they say I have a gift, I picked 2 watches, they say “just pay shipping} Next thing I know, I checked my account and was charged $98.25 for a watch, I called them that I want to return the watch, somebody named Mario said, oh don’t do that, we will tell where to sent them. He gave me an email address, which is not the one on the website, and I sent in a cancellation and request for a refund and an address to send th watches. I kept calling and someone named Maria kept asking me to repeat the questions, my name, address, the last 4 # on the debit card, zip code, I gave all that, she said I cannot find your name in our system, I found our that was all a delaying tactic they were just twirling me around. I am dealing with 2 watches, 2 companies, which I think it is the same person. First, the email address on the MOtta website was dead after I sent the first email about cancelling and refund, and the phone was not working, as I was pestering them with calls. I kept emailing Sonny designs, going over the same roller coaster of questions, now she said I have to send proof thay they took my money, I did that, and they say a supervisor will call me, no one did, I disputed the charges that i did not authorize them, two days after Motta luxury sent in another $98 to my bank. My bank said they have been getting those complaints often. Something has to bw done, , they make sure that the 14 day time limit is rushed. They are scammers, beware of promotions and surveys where they offer free gift and say pay shipping. It is false, LOOK FOR THE TERMS & CONDITIONS & READ THEM, AND MAKE SURE YOU CAN RETURN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE. bottom line- if the scam happened to you, send emails, call and make sure keep those copies of emails and calls

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