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Somerset Auto Salvage

Somerset Auto Salvage Auto Repair Service Alternator and Powersteering pump Somerset Wisconsin!!. This last winter September 2019 I too my 2005 Chevy Impala to Somerset Auto Salvage to have an Alternator replaced because the charge light was coming on, and to have them look at the power steering because it was whining and making lots of noise. The said they would replace the Alt. with a rebuilt one from an auto parts store, and replace the power steering pump with a new one from the auto parts store als. The cost with labor would be around $650.00 and would be done in a few days. well two weeks went by and the car was still outside in the junk yard next to the shop. After three weeks it finally go done and we paid them and leftAbout a week later the charge light came on again and finally the battery went dead and it wouldnu2019t start. I asked them to come get it and fix it properly but they said they had no tow truck available. I had my neighbor come look at the car, and to his surprise, he said the alternator was either never replaced or it was one from a junk car because of the grease and dirt. The power steering pump was leaking fluid and looked like a used one out of their junk yard also.I called them to try and remedy the situation, and get it towed back to them at their expense cause they were responsible and said I has a 90 day warranty. They said that didnu2019t cover towing back to their shop and I would have to find my own arrangements back to Somerset.They said they did the work and everything was fine so I must have did something to the cat myself that made it quit working, and basically that they we not responsible for any future repairs. But if I could get the car back to them they would diagnose it and give me an estimate of the cost to repair it.I hung the phone up on the manager named john, and also the owner whose name is Eddie I think.I told them they were Scam artists and should be sued and go out of business. I was so d**n mad I was just shaking.Well I found another mechanic in New Richmond WI 54017 Called New Richmond Auto Salvage and repair and they finally got my car back on the road in two days at a cost of $275.Stay away from Somerset Auto Salvage, crooks, thieves, and con artists work and run that business.If you want something don at a fair price and you live in this area just go to (((REDACTED)) and save yourself the headache and disappointment you will get from Somerset Auto Salvage.I am spitting down right mad and angry and $650 I paid out to Somerset for nothing

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