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Solar Lead Supply

Solar Lead Supply United Solar Leads, Solar Sitdowns, Probuilders Marketing , aka Probuilders Marketing or Solar Sitdowns and United Solar Leads. They take your money and say can only do it via a debit card with Cash app, and no services or contact ever received. CA or Lake Mary Florida!!. Honestly, I feel like an idiot doing this but they were good on the phone with the lying, definitely have a lot of practice at it to get the story down. Just reading all of the other stories here on scam about this u201ccompanyu201d it is the same exact story. They send you a Setmore calendar which is how they put the leads on there. They send you a DocuSign which is the agreement part and how you pay and it comes from Legal Zoom so seems like they have a process and a system. But how could I be so stupid to do a debit card. I actually called Cap One first and they said I was protected since it still has the Visa logo on the debit card, yet I have found that is not the case and after their review they still need more info, so it is not an easy process at all. They say $150 for 10 leads or $1500. I have never recu2019d a lead at all, just 2 names in my Setmore calendar, thatu2019s right 2 names. No address, no phone number, etc, just a name, so thatu2019s BS of course. No one answers my calls to their 800-458-4120 number. And Iu2019ve read and heard about a Rick Cline and am pursuing him right now with the CA attorney generalu2018s office. There is another number of someone called Chris Williams at 407-603-0447. Also an address of 801 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

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