Socrates Academy charter school

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Socrates Academy charter school

Socrates Academy charter school Larry Peroulas Defamation of character, false accusations, so Larry Peroulas destroyed my career as an educator, made me lose my job and retirement Matthews North Carolina!!. I was sent to the US by the Greek government on 08/27/07 after I took the 1st place in the contest for “exchange teachers”, with grade 94,6% , because I was invited by the counselor of the Greek Embassy in Washington DC, Dr. Joe Kavogli when she read my article (published online by the “Organization for the global expanding the Greek language” (2005). I was assigned to the COEUS international Baccalaureate school in Washington DC, which claimed bankruptcy in 2008 and the new counselor sent me to NC to “restore the Greek program” in Myerspark high school and in Providence high school. In those schools I found out that there was no Greek program at all: no curriculum, no proper books, no lesson plans, no organized tests according to the students’ level of knowledge (what exactly I was claiming in my article). Unfortunately I had to address those issues to the administration of both schools. Larry Peroulas was claiming to be the ‘founder’ of this non existing language program. I had to work double to organize lesson plans and curriculum, to schedule tests and games, to translate poems and songs trying to attract the interest of the students. In the meantime the Greek government started delaying the payment of my monthly salary for 3,4 then 5,5 months. When CMS eliminated the Greek program (they were not really very supportive because it would attract students from other languages causing other teachers who belonged to CMS to lose their jobs) , the Greek Embassy assigned me to Socrates Academy charter school. Providence magnet school had included my class in the 2016 year book with great comments about my teaching skills along with a picture of me instructing the students a Greek folkloric line dance. In Socrates Academy I gave my heart and soul and my home-made (with whom I was sharing classroom) gave me reference letters noting how outstanding my teaching was. While I was struggling to survive without being paid by the Greek government for months, teachers from the language department in Providence school gathered money to help me pay my rent. Also I sent a letter to the Greek government complaining about the waste of budget and begging them to pay the exchange teachers in the US. This letter was signed by all Greek teachers in Socrates Academy. Out of the blue, at the end of school year of 2011, Larry Peroulas (who is a felon in Greece for tax issues and he’s not officially an educator, even if he’s the principal of the church’s school (Holy Trinity Orthodox), sent an email to the Greek Embassy of Washington DC that “Dr. Kouveli (myself) shamed our country Greece and our community by complaining for not being paid aid for 5.5 months and we don’t want her here”. This email costed me my job. I lost not only my job in Greece but also my retirement plan after hard work for 27+ years.

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