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Socket Telecom

Socket Telecom in Columbia Mo. 65202 I’ve been with Socket over 10 years & Im fully disabled, today Katherine told me sense I hadn’t gave them an answer about there new service the offer is no longer good to me that I would have to send my modem back after telling them these last 3 months my father and I was both hospitilized, Columbia Missouri!!. now I dont know how I can afford to have the internet anymore 🙁 Thanks for being so cruel Socket, I’ve never once been late paying them & even made a payment earlier today right before getting told I had to make a decision before 5pm today which I did soon as Katherine got off the phone even though I found out my decision didn’t matter they went against their word. I have been with for the past ten plus years for my internet service and have never once been late or behind on my payments, in fact I always paid ahead of time. Over these past two and a half to three months I have been pressured to make a decision by Katherine or other employees no matter how much. I told them I was dealing with emergencies. I ever threatend getting ahold of the better business bureau last month while I was hospitalized and then my father was hospitalized, then today while making a payment over the phone I inquired about taking out there faster internet services and was told I would have to make my decision no later then 5pm today, which I did & after being told that I was told Katherine was almost off of the phone & would take my call then. After waiting for a bit Katherine had answered the phone and I ask her how she was doing after her replying I said its been a long uphill battle that were still climbing up but things seem to be getting better and then went on to let her know that I was ready to take out the faster service when she made the comment that I wasn’t interested in it last month, and I told her I had more important health issues I was more concerned about and that I am still paid up and were still only half way into this month. Then she told me they would be sending me a mailing label and that I would have to mail nack my modem by no later then the beginning of next month. With me being fully disabled and live on a fixed income I have no clue how I will beable to afford starting with a new provider. Thanks for being heartless and relentless on a human and a human you have never had to worry about not paying you.

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