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Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration S.S.I. Social Security Administration working hand in hand with Green Dot Bank / Walmart Money Card!!. From like October 2018 to now May 2019, I have been getting my social security income disability to my Walmart Money Card on Greet Dot Bank on my debit card # ending in and expires in 06/2019. Walmart Money Card/Green Dot Bank set me a brand new debit card in May 2019 since the current card that I had at time was going to expire in 06/2019. The updated card that they sent me ending in the and expires 04/23. Also, in May 2019 the sent me a new card that ends in but expires 08/21. Today, on 05/31/2019 I received a text message early this morning telling me that my social security income disability payment of $771 was received in my account for the card that in & expires 04/23. I noticed my account online also said that I have $771. I tried to pay two bills online, but my payment was declined. I called Walmart Money Card and they told me a vault was on my card, and they I needed to submit a copy of my photo identification and awards/benefit letter to them via email. I had sent a front copy of my photo i.d. & a photo of my award letter. Then, they told me that they need a front and back copy of my award letter & a full photo of my award letter. I have been thoroughly complying with them and sent a photo of my driveru2019s permit front & back as well as front and back copy of my award letter from social security administration. They still are giving me excuses of why they can not remove the fault from my account or send my funds back to me or social security. A customer service representative earlier told me that in order for them to send my funds back to me they would need a letter from the sender (social security administration) stating that I want the funds back & have my account # and ABA routing # on it, which I am in the middle of doing at this moment. Later on when I called them they are still giving me excuses of why they cannot send me my $771 back to me or to social security administration. They are giving me scripted, robotic answers. What they are doing is not right because I always received my social security income disability around the 1st of every month. I am already behind in bills and in the process of having my bills disconnected due to not having paid my bills due to no cash. They need to send my cash back to social security administration and/or remove the vault from my account so that I can spend the cash on my card and pay all of my bills and remove my $771 from their Walmart Money Card. I went to a Social Security Administration office today to try to show them the printed off proof of my direct deposit from S.S.I. into my account with my new Walmart Money Card, information from my old account with my old debit card, the emails of proof that I had sent Walmart Money Card, & other important information. They told me that they cannot send any personal identifiable information about me to any third party. They told me that they can give it to me, and I can give it to Walmart Money Card. They told me if Green Dot Bank/ Walmart Money Card have my $ there is nothing they can do about. It is obvious that both Social Security Administration and Green Dot Bank/ Walmart Money Card are both working together (possibly with the government) to do this to people. If you read other reports on scamscams, then you will see that other people have had the exact same experience as I had. I seems to me that they do this to African-Americans and are racists. The federal government, lawyers, NAACP; etc. needs to file lawsuits against Walmart Money Card/ Green Dot Bank, Social Security Administration; etc. for allowing this to happen. Now, I am about to get all of my bills disconnected due to Walmart Money Card/ Green Dot Bank freezing my account, refusing to release my fund, and for Social Security Administration refusing to help me to get it back.

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