So Cold Jewlery

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So Cold Jewlery

So Cold Jewlery #socoldlife #socoldjewlery Peter Leija @socoldjewlery Stole 3 thousand dollars Houston TX!!. Peter Damian Leija born (((REDACTED)))/81 is the biggest scammer in Houston!!! BEWARE and NEVER do ANY business with him!! You have been warned. He puts on a good front with everyone but he is a low life scum and scammer!! I paid him OVER 3K to make me a custom ring, I have a receipt and record of what I paid him! I paid him in full in August, he said it would be ready in a couple of weeks but here we are 8 months later and I STILL dont have my ring or my Money!!! He uses his daughter as he personal problems as a excuse for sympathy. NOW he wont respond to my call or texts and blocked me from all social media accounts. I hope nobody ever dies business with him again!!! I have recording of him saying he will pay me back and hundreds of texts messages before he blocked me. His cell is XXX-XXX-4160! Feel free to contact me on Instagram if u have any questions or need additional proof @al_ex_aguilera

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