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Snogify / DreamCatcher Review

Snogify / DreamCatcher

I was on this site for 3 months and spent 2 grand chatting with someone (Bootz). She said she was head over heels in love with me but wanted to get Christmas out the way then meet me in January to swap contact details. That never happened so now she”s saying that the only way she”s willing to chat with me is on She”s not in slightest bit interested that I”ve got into financial difficulties just to chat with her..I have met a couple of very genuine people on the site but this Bootz is absolutely fake, says she”s insecure but her pics and flirttext do not belong to anyone with insecurities ..if anyone else has spoken with her let me know if this sounds familiar please..happy to say I”m now seeing someone else who”s 100% real 😉

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