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Snaperrand Is A Scam Company! Beware Of Job Offers From Them! Stay Away From This Company Columbus, Ohio And Colorado!!. I just interviewed with them yesterday by phone and received an offer letter in the middle of the night for $32/hr. and then another one early this morning. One letter had one number on it and the other letter had the number of the person I interviewed with, even though both letters were supposedly signed by the same person (one was a Colorado number and the other number has an Ohio area code). The Colorado number is the number that called me for the interview. The interviewer called himself Trey Brant, but had a thick Indian or middle eastern accent and was hard to understand. When I called the Ohio number that was on one of the offer letters, I was asked to announce my name before my call could be connected, which was the same thing I had to do when I called back the guy with the thick accent (after missing his call). Both are definitely cell numbers. When I didn’t announce my name on the Ohio number I called (I just hung up), someone from that number called me right back. I didn’t answer and the person did not leave a message. But, just a few minutes later, I started getting text messages from the Ohio number, asking me if I got the mail. The person did not identify him/herself. When I asked who it was, the person replied that she was Elizabeth Mason, head of HR for Snaperrand. That was the name that was on both of the offer letters sent to me. Her number is 6143215109. I replied to her that I am not interested in their scam. We will see if she replies. I doubt it. Btw, the interview was also sketchy. I was told I would have to undergo a background check (no big deal…that is standard these days). But a few questions later, I was asked if I had credit cards and was asked what my highest limit was on them. Very strange. So, I started researching this ‘company’ and nothing matches up. The address on their website doesn’t even seem to exist. The LinkedIn link on their website goes to a company called ShopLoft. I can’t find any info on that company. I asked a question under their LinkedIn profile about whether or not they are affiliated with Snaperrand, but have not received a reply. For me, it is all too much of a red flag. I would suggest everyone STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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