Snakes at Sunset

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Snakes at Sunset Review

Snakes at Sunset

If you want the truth about a breeder and healthy snakes, by all means do not give this A-hole your business, he is a liar, a thief and only in it to make money. His reptiles are sick and mite infested. I ordered three king snakes from him, when I got them I was stoked! Well opened the box, opened the tied bags looked in and saw mites all over the snakes and bags. I called this SOB and he told me it was my fault and then to top it off, hung up on me. Man, I have owned, bred snakes for 40 years, and this POS tells me it was my fault the snakes came from him infested with mites. I quarantined the snakes and over weeks got rid of the mites, but the kings were still thin and on deaths door. He is a sleezy, greeder breeder of reptiles who gives a rats ass about his reptiles and customers. Lots of reputable breeders out there, he is anything but reputable. Avoid him like the plague!

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  1. Marilou Lleras May 26, 2020

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