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Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug Review

Smith’s / Smith’s Food and Drug

I was at the Mesquite, Nevada Smiths on 4/24/18. I bought 2 packs of Big Buy brand bacon, among many other groceries… I cooked some yesterday and tasted a weird funky nastiness after baking. I noticed then that the second package I bought on the same day was labeled, use or freeze by March 02 2018″ TWO MONTHS EXPIRED!!! MY HUSBAND, SON & I ALL INGESTED 2 MONTH OLD PORK!!! God knows what parisite is inside us!!! I called for a Manager, got the butcher, and he said( rudely, very rudely) throw it out. No apologies, just throw it out. I was absolutely infuriated! He kept cutting me off as I was trying to tell him he needed to check the dates and pull the rotten meat he was selling. Refused to let me talk to a Manager. He blamed the rotten meat on a vendor that gave him a free box of meat. He said they dont even carry that brand of bacon. If thats so then why did I purchase it there? Such a liar!! I told him it didn”t matter where he got it, the dates should”ve been checked. They should ALWAYS be checked!!! He then handed off the phone to the first girl who answered and I asked are you a Manager??? She said no, I said over and over again I wanted to talk to a Manager and she kept trying to talk around & over me ( as well as the butcher did before, never connecting me with anyone in charge) so I then had to hang up and call the store back trying to connect with a Manager. The girl said she would pass it on… Again, no Manager. I am furious as a customer, a person & a mother, possibly carrying parisites, along with my 4 year old son & husband, from the rotten bacon your store sold because of a careless butcher & workers. For the sake of others I hope you check up on that store for quality insurance.


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