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Smart Save SSE Airtricity Londonderry / Derry / Belfast Londonderry Northern Ireland / Derry City and Straba!!. Anyone who is thinking of joining Smart Save, SSE Airtricity door to door sales team I think you should have read of this first!! I worked in the Derry / Londonderry office for several months, I made a lot of sales working on the SSE Airtricity campaign, at the time I was on top of the world thinking how much I was earning! They constantly lied, they lied to me in the interview saying we dont start until 12 and we finish at 8, when i started i found out that you basically had to be in the office most day at 10:30 for training. This training was mandatory the hours but yet they failed to pay you even though you were employed!! They said youu2019d be working in your local area but of course when you started you were travelling from one end of the country to the other. You stopped being paid at 8 but not getting home to 11 at night. Really bad considering they didnu2019t cover travel expenses! Once you were there a few weeks they even asked you to lie to customers. The guy Dean Doherty who is in charge pushes you to get more sales “by any means, even if you have to lie to put customers on a higher tariff….disgusting!! So I had to go. I worked with a few people, decent people who could easily hit their sales target, however if they were given a tough territory working in awful council estates the sales trainer would say they had ‘lost their attitude’ or didnt ‘play the numbers game’. Disgusting concidering they had no help and were selling a really poor product! A month later and I havenu2019t regretted leaving, I still speak to some of my old work mates and find it so sad when they tell it hasnt changed since I left. I feel so sorry for them as I know theyu2019re finding it hard to get other work. If ur thinking of joining Smart Save in Derry / Londonderry donu2019t! It was fun for the first while as they host fun nights out to try to retain people but after that youre completely brainwashed and find it very difficult to leave as your guilted into staying. From what Iu2019ve heard theyu2019ve now opened an office in Belfast so if you come across them stay well clear!

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