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02 September 2019

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Life is different at different phases. When you are a child, you don’t give a fuck about anything but candies and toys. All you do is play around, eat and sleep peacefully. When you are a teenager, you have certain responsibilities like attending school regularly, taking proper care of yourself. Then comes the tough phase – The Adult Phase. When you become an adult, you are loaded with responsibilities. You have to fend for yourself, pay tuition fee yourself, and pay for almost every basic necessity. A year ago, I moved out of my parents’ place and moved into a rented house along with my friend. The lease of the house was for one year and so as the end of the completion of the lease was approaching, both of us started looking for own place.
Since we did not earn much and definitely did not have enough money in our bank accounts, we decided to apply for a home loan. We started searching online for companies that are not money-sucking tyrants. After a lot of researching, we came across Smart Mortgage. The way they had presented themselves as ‘understanding’, it was enough for us naive people to get convinced. We called their customer care that very day but there was no answer. We decided to go to the place and clear all our doubts and apply for the loan as soon as possible.
The very next day, both of us were at their office. The employees there could not have been less concerned about two new potential customers. The staff members too were not keen even to offer us a glass of water. After looking around for almost twenty minutes. We decided to approach someone ourselves. I went up to one of the employees and told him all about our need for a loan. After listening to me, he told me to go to another employee and leave him alone. Thankfully, the other employee, despite being inattentive, was human enough to explain all the ‘suitable’ plans. After agreeing on a certain plan, we decided to move forward with the process of getting a loan. The documentation started.
It was supposed to be hassle-free but the employees there made sure that it was absolutely not. On a daily basis, I had to take three to four trips every day from my home to their office for the required documents as they were not sensible enough to give me a list of required documents at one time. The process was supposed to be carried out and completed within two months. All we did was endure in the hope of finally having our own space. We ignored every misbehaviour of the employees, all the insensitive remarks about our financial condition and sarcastic jokes regarding our lives. When we were in the last phase of the verification process, our application got denied because of an unstated reason. On the other hand, our lease expired and we had to live in the basement of our friend’s house.
After all the trouble we went through hoping to get a loan for our own space, all we got was disappointment and frustration. My advice – if you are not dumb, then do not go for Smart Mortgage.

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