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Smart Communications, Inc

Smart Communications, Inc Smart Global Wifi, Smart Wifi, Smart World Wifi Extremely BAD Customer Support! Makati City!!. Do not use SMART Travel Wifi – total scamf! Got device at airport and it seemed to work, next day come to find out that the battery was defective and would not charge. I tried to get work with them and get a replacement for over 8 days!! They asked where I was and that they would come out and replace it, well after that initial email response, they never replied to my emails about a location again, so I neve got a replacement. Wrote them and complained, they agreed to a refund. just retunr the device. I go to leave the Philipines and discover that I cannot return the device to a Smart store its HAS TO BE from the location where I get the device at the airport, but guess what no location for them at Terminal 2! So I have to have my friends return it for me, they go to T1 and they wont accept it because i picked it up from T3 WTH?? I send them another email and they will process my refund in 30-45 days!?!?!?!? are you kidding me, this is 2018 and they CHOOSE to take 30-45 to return your money for a defective product! NEVER again, do as others suggest and just get a mobile wifi from one of the MANY cell phone stores you will find in the area! Rent one or buy one they are cheap anyways. As of this date 08/24/2018, I am still awaiting confirmation of my return and my deposit of $45 USD, as well as a refund of the service charge!

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