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Misdiagnosed my cat and gave her wrong meds

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16 September 2019

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I have been taking my pets to a pet hospital for quite a long time but unfortunately, the doctors who used to treat my pets left for some personal reasons and I had to look for some other animal hospital. Since the Small Animal Hospital is close to my place I planned to take my pets there but was highly disappointed by their services. Be that as it may, the facility is pushy with elective inoculations, and appears to pile on a huge bill, on a small checkup. One of the front work areas said: “you get what you pay for”. The vet told me she couldn’t answer any more questions since she is restricted to go through with every patient in a specific time span, she was with us for just 10 minutes. She is an annoying vet and is low in position at the facility. So I assume that she must meet an objective of a specific number of patients seen so that she can get paid more. I also have a problem with them taking away your pet for administrations like nail trim, blood draw. They also force your pet to get unnecessary tests and Xrays. They also don’t let you see Xray results or blood test results except if you call and inquire them. They are not worried about your pet’s welfare; they care just about your cash. My cat required medicine for urinary issues. Small Animal Hospital would not give the solution and said it was illicit to give medicine without a yearly checkup. I inquired about this and there are no such laws. I won’t go back to this facility because of the self-importance and absence of empathy for the whole staff. We were 13 minutes late because of bad traffic. My cat was sick and we did our best to get to the hospital in the cat’s best advantage. These women at the front desk were very rude to us. Loathsome client administration to state the least…I am an animal caretaker and would want all vets to have a similar sympathy and comprehension for a debilitated adored pet. Additionally, they charge fundamentally more than different vets in the area… is their first concern. The doctors are so discourteous to the majority of the workers. The most noticeably awful of all is the manager named Barb. A dog peed in the sitting area she saw it happening could have effectively tidied it up yet kept on strolling around the hospital. They don’t care a bit about the cleanliness of the hospital. I went to another animal hospital and they told me that my cat was misdiagnosed and was treated with wrong medicines. Thankfully they did the check-up from the scratch, treated my cat and now she is doing much better. Small Animal Hospital should shut down as soon as possible because they might kill someone’s dear pet someday.

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