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Sling TV L.L.C.

Sling TV L.L.C. Sling TV Cancelled but never cancelled….pure robbery Internet!!. Back in February or March, I started a trial for SlingTV. The quality of it was not good. It cut off all the time, was pixelated and certainly not worth the money they charge. Unfortunately, when registering for the free trial, you have to include billing information. On the last day of the trial period, my husband and I sat down to cancel the service, which we did. Yesterday when I was looking at my bank account, I found that I have been billed $59.98 (which I only noted now because we were in the middle of a move and had various expenses and I WASN’T LOOKING for a charge from SlingTV…because I cancelled it) for the last three months, and the company has no record of the cancellation, which means they follow a strict policy of not refunding anything. After all, it is a “pre-paid” service with no refunds. The supervisor I talked to even confirmed that their records show that we had not accessed the account at any time during the last three months. Now why would you have a service that costs $60/month that you don’t EVER use unless you actually cancelled it? When we stop using services, especially ones we never actually continued to use, we delete information from our e-mail accounts to avoid clutter, so I have no idea what account was used to create the Sling account, don’t know the password AND have no record of information for signing up for the trial nor the cancellation, which I never thought I would need. The company swears that since I can’t provide proof of this cancellation, they can’t refund anything, but the thievery is pretty obvious. I got e-mails back from the customer escalation department that were literally copied and pasted, telling me how sorry they were they couldn’t help me, they could just take my money and laugh behind my back. Now, I would certainly not waste my time e-mailing them and calling them if I didn’t have a real case. THEY admitted we didn’t use the service, but conveniently, they have no proof we cancelled it and won’t believe that there could have been a glitch in the system or anything, which is undoubtedly to their benefit. After all, so many companies in today’s world have become so interested in the bottom line (how many dollar signs they can rack up), that they forget it is the customers who make that bottom line possible. The company is unreasonable. The policy is unreasonable. They do not listen or consider your case in any human way. You are a number….to them, in their bank account. Do not waste your time with this service. It is insulting.

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