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Slimbiotichealth supplement

Slimbiotichealth supplement Slimbiotichealth dietary supplements, slimbiotichealth Garcinia,slimbiotichealth health supplements,pearl essence cosmetics They are big time scammers. Jacksonville Florida!!. They advertise with the Today show host some weight loss pill for a very low price for you to try without saying anything about having to buy later as soon as we got the trial ones they started sending more and charging a lot higher price.i sent them back the day I got them without even opening them.i also sent a letter to them telling them I did not want them. They billed my credit card for 2 months without my approval .they owe me$8490,$7494,$7995& $6995. I have called them and they have hung up on me , offered to split the difference.sent me notices where they have refunded the money and it never showed up so I contacted my credit card company and they said it had never been sent. there is so much on the web of them doing this to so many other people. they owe me $8490, $7494,$7995 &&6995 they charged my account without me ordering or my approval

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