Slap Chop

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Slap Chop | High Shipping and Handling

$60.00 S&H and Unauthorized Charges.I bought a Slap Chop which I was outrageously overcharged for shipping…and then to my surprise Vacationsavers and BargainLink charges started showing up on my Mastercard statement. The first ones to go through were $1.95 and $1.96… When I called Mastercard, they said they charged my account again, each company $19.95.The scam started at Slap Chop website… when the online purchase was completed a screen came up saying click on this link and get a $20.00 gift card for gas and a $70.00 gift card from Canadian Tire. I assume that is how they lifted my credit card info and email address from the Slap Chop site.Oh and then to add insult… I was just in at Canadian Tire and Shoppers Drugmart. Both were selling Slap Chop for less than $19.95 and no $60.00 shipping charge.

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